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Indane is today one of the largest packed-LPG brands in the world and has been conferred the coveted Consumer Superbrand status by the Superbrands Council of India having launched LPG marketing in the mid-60s, IndianOil has been credited with bringing about a kitchen revolution, spreading warmth and cheer in millions of households with the introduction of the clean and efficient cooking fuel. It has led to a substantial improvement in the health of women, especially in rural areas by replacing smoky and unhealthy chulha. Indane is today an ideal fuel for modern kitchens, synonymous with safety, reliability, and convenience. With the status of an exclusive business vertical within the Corporation, Indane is delivered to the doorsteps of 13.11 crore households. IndianOil's 94 Indane bottling plants in upcountry locations roll out over 2 million cylinders a day, making IndianOil the second largest marketer of LPG globally, after SHV Gas of The Netherlands. Indane is available in compact 5 kg cylinders for rural, hilly, and inaccessible areas, 14.2 kg cylinders for domestic use, and 19 kg and 47.5 kg for commercial and industrial use.PG is a blend of Butane and Propane readily liquefied under moderate pressure. LPG vapor is heavier than air; thus it normally settles down in low-lying places. Since LPG has only a faint scent, a mercaptan odorant is added to help in its detection. In the event of an LPG leak, the vapourization of liquid cools the atmosphere and condenses the water vapor contained in it to form a whitish fog, which is easy to observe. LPG in fairly large concentrations displaces oxygen leading to a nauseous or suffocating feeling.
The address of this agency is No 16, Meena Bazar, New Delhi, Delhi - 110006.

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  • 3.5
    Posted on: 20-05-2022
    • 5

    Delivery kya cheez h ⁉️ rajnis ko pta nahi delivery jaldi kre dhanywad Abhi 5 star rating dete hai kyu ki medam n cylinder delivery krwa diya. Baki plz aage s yehi baat ka dhyn rakhe thankyou (Translated by Google) Delivery kya cheez h ️ rajnis ko pta nahi delivery jaldi kre dhanywad Abhi 5 star rating dete hai kyu ki medam n cylinder delivery krwa diya. Baki plz aage s yehi baat ka dhyn rakhe thankyou

  • શાર્દુલ કે પટેલ
    Posted on: 24-12-2020
    • 5

    (Translated by Google) Hello, All home use connections should be booked from the housewives' mobile number only and have the facility to accept online payments so that the housewife can also pay the amount online if she is anywhere, "No borrowing without cooperation" Facilitate us to pay from your QR code or mobile number while on duty like an i-card around the necks of your employees while roaming or ferrying business. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thank you (Original) નમસ્કાર, ઘર વપરાશના તમામ જોડાણો ગૃહિણીઓ નાં જ મોબાઈલ નંબર થી બૂકિંગ થવા જોઈએ અને ઓનલાઈન પેમેન્ટ સ્વીકારવાની સુવિધા રાખો જેથી ઘરધણી પણ ગમે ત્યાં હોય તો ઓનલાઈન રકમ ચૂકવી શકે,,,, " વિના સહકાર નહીં ઉધ્ધાર " હરતાં ફરતાં કે ફેરી કરીને ધંધો કરતાં અથવા આપના કર્મચારીશ્રીઓ નાં ગળામાં આઈ કાર્ડ ની જેમ ફરજ દરમિયાન આપનો ક્યુઆરકોડ ની કે મોબાઇલ નંબર થી રકમ ચૂકવવા અમને સુવિધા આપો,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ધન્યવાદ

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